Massage (per 60 min.) - $105


This is my “Classic Massage” using aromatherapy customized for your mood and with kneading techniques using Biotone massage products. You will feel relaxed, energized and refreshed. All your troubles will melt away.


This massage technique uses Eastern Theory that has been around for thousands of year. Traditionally done on the floor, I utilize firm pushing, kneading, rolling, pressure points and stretches. Moving your energy or “Chi” throughout your body and without using oil or lotion, it will make you feel surprisingly revitalized. Please note: This massage is done with recipient fully dressed, please wear comfortable clothing.

Deep Tissue

So the name says it all. Not called “Shallow” or “Light Tissue” for a reason. This massage is usually designed for the client who gets massages on a regular basis. Major healing benefits.

Sports Massage

This massage is actually a combination of everything and the most popular. It is very relaxing, healing and rejuvenating at the same time.

Specific Body Work (PBS)

Got an area giving you major trouble or pain? I can help with that by working out your kinks! It’s similar to deep tissue in that more pressure is used, but more concentrated to the area of concern and using some specific techniques added.

Hot Stone Therapy + $25 and up

Includes: both benefits of full body massage therapy and the intensely relaxing experience of hot stones.

Barb’s Hot Stone Back Treatment + $25

Utilizing all the benefits of the classic back European Facial plus adding the intensely relaxing benefits of hot stones.