Advanced Resurfacing Treatments

These treatment “peels” require consultation with your estetician to determine the ideal treatment for your skin type and condition. A pre-disposition test is required 24 hours in advance of treatment. Professional home care products are required for desired results. All treatments are 30 minutes long.

Glycolic Advance Resurfacing Treatment.. 80

Helga Van Dykes original gycolic treatment. This treatment helps loosen and remove dead skin cells, reduce hyper-pigmentation and prevents premature aging by stimulating cell renewal. The results? Revitalized, smoother, fresher, firmer skin.

Pumpkin Advanced Resurfacing Treatment.. 80

This is a wonderful, specialized resurfacing treatment utilizing the natural benefits of pumpkin. It is ideal for skin with hyper-pigmentation issues, sun damage, or fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps reveal fresh, smooth, glowing skin.

Alpha Peptide Resurfacing Treatment.. 110

This is the ultimate treatment and my absolute favorite! IT is definitely the best anti-aging treatment on the menu. This treatment not only stimulates cell renewal, but it also pushes a plethora of peptides (amino acids) into your skin with the help of the “peeling” agents, to literally plump up your find lines and wrinkles and make your skin super firm.