Classic European Facial (60 min.).. 90

This is the ultimate facial experience known around the world. Dermalogica European facial includes deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extended massage, soothing masque, moisturizer and sunscreen. It’s customized for your skin type.

Age Smart Facial (60 min.).. 90

The Age Smart Facial by Dermalogica is the ultimate skin therapy for prematurely aging, sun damaged, dry and dehydrated skin. Your skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother and refined.

Medibac Facial (60 min. or more).. 90

A deep cleansing treatment designed for acne prone skin using Dermalogica Medibac skin care products. Please note: due to the nature of this treatment, this service does not include facial massage.

Natural Clay Facial (60 min.).. 90

My natural mineral and nutrient rich clay used in this facial is recommended for people with skin conditions including breakouts, acne and acne scarring. Natural Clay Facial provides dramatic results for clients with rosacea, sensitive and acne prone skin.

Back Facials (60 min. or more).. 90

Yes, they are done on the back too! Same as the list of facials, but it’s done obviously on the back. Price is the same

Cosmetic Face Lift (80 min.).. 90

The Cosmetic Face Lift by Helga Van Dyke is a temporary treatment to tighten the muscles in your face giving you a more youthful appearance. Perfect for that special occasion when you need to knock-em dead!

“NaturaLash” Eyelash Extensions

Application Time: 2 Hours - 150

Refills: 50 & up

“CryBaby” Semi-Permanent Mascara

Application Time: 30 minutes - 45

Lasts 2-4 weeks

Professional Teeth Whitening

WOW, patented technology utilizes a cool blue light to deliver teeth whitening agents deep into the tooth structure for maximum benefits and results.

Teeth Whitening.. 129

This treatment can make your teeth up to 5 shades lighter, with one treatment. It can be added to any other service. Sometimes additional treatment may be recommended for severely stained or yellow teeth.